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Winter Hours
Office: Mon to Fri 10am-5pm
    Tues: 5pm-10pm
    Wed & Fri: 4pm-Close
    Sat: 1pm-6pm
    Sun: 11am-7pm
    Tues: 5pm-9pm
    Wed & Fri: 4pm-Close
    Sat: 1pm-6pm
    Sun: 1pm-7pm

Britannia Yacht Club
2777 Cassels Street
Ottawa, Ontario K2B 6N6
Phone: 613-828-5167
Fax: 613-828-5168

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Full & By

Full and By banner

The Full & By is the Britannia Yacht Club's newsletter, and currently is published five times per year. Members receive a paper copy of the newsletter by mail.

The current and past issues (for the past five years) may also be downloaded here from the list below.

These documents are in PDF format which requires the Acrobat Reader™. If you need to install this free plugin, please click here.

2017 Issues

November 3.6MB PDF
October 4.1MB PDF
August to September 3.9MB PDF
June to July 3.3MB PDF
April to May 4.1MB PDF
January to March 2.5MB PDF

2016 Issues

November 2.34MB PDF
October 2.7MB PDF
August and September 2.9MB PDF
June to July 3.4MB PDF
April to May 2.9MB PDF
January to March 2.5MB PDF

2015 Issues

November 2.9MB PDF
October 2.7MB PDF
August to September 3.3MB PDF
June to July 4.4MB PDF
April to May 2.8MB PDF
January to March 2.4MB PDF

2014 Issues

November 2.7MB PDF
October 2.3MB PDF
June and July part 1 1.8MB PDF
August and September 3.8MB PDF
June and July part 1 1.8MB PDF
June and July part 2 1.6MB PDF
April and May 1MB PDF
January to March 1MB PDF

2013 Issues

November 1.8MB PDF
October 1.2MB PDF
August and September 1.3MB PDF
June and July 1MB PDF
April and May 1.3MB PDF
January to March 1.2MB PDF

2012 Issues

November 1.1MB PDF
October .8MB PDF
August and September 1.9MB PDF
June and July 1.5MB PDF
April and May 1.5MB PDF
January to March 1.5MB PDF

2011 Issues

November 1.5MB PDF
October 1.7MB PDF
August to September 2.4MB PDF
June to July 1.9MB PDF
April to May 2.3MB PDF

2010 Issues

Fall/Winter Special Issue 808 KB PDF
August 975 KB PDF
May 654 KB PDF
March 913 KB PDF

2009 Issues

November to December 2.3MB PDF
September to October 3MB PDF
July to August 5.8MB PDF
May to June 3.2MB PDF
January to April 3.0MB PDF

2008 Issues

December 2008 3.5MB PDF
November 2008 2.5MB. PDF
October 2008 2.8MB PDF
July 2008 2.5MB PDF
May and June 2008 3.3MB PDF
January to April 2008 2.5MB PDF

2007 Issues

December 2007 3.6MB PDF
October to November 2007 3.3MB PDF
August to September 2007 2.0MB PDF
May to July 2007 2.4MB PDF
January to April 2007 1.8MB PDF

2006 Issues

December 2006 3.6MB PDF
November 2006 2.1MB PDF
September/October 2006 2.2MB PDF
August 2006 2.8MB PDF
June/July 2006 3.3MB PDF
April/May 2006 772KB PDF
January/March 2006 3.8MB PDF

2005 Issues

December 2005 3.7MB PDF
November 2005 2.2MB PDF
October 2005 2.1MB PDF
September 2005 2.8MB PDF
August 2005 3.1MB PDF
July 2005 4.2MB PDF
June 2005 1.8MB PDF
May 2005 2.8MB PDF
March/April 2005 2.3MB PDF
February 2005 1.3MB PDF

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