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Winter Hours (as of Nov. 1)
Office: Mon to Fri 10am-5pm
    Wed & Fri: 4pm-Close
    Sat & Sun: 11am-8pm
    Wed & Fri: 4pm-Close
    Sat: 12pm-8pm
    Sun: 1pm-8pm

Winter Hours (as of Jan. 1)
Office: Mon to Fri 10am-4pm
    Wed & Fri: 4pm-Close
    Sun: 11am-8pm
    Wed & Fri: 4pm-Close
    Sun: 1pm-8pm

Britannia Yacht Club
2777 Cassels Street
Ottawa, Ontario K2B 6N6
Phone: 613-828-5167
Fax: 613-828-5168

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Officers & Directors

John Morrow
BPPD 2 Anx A Commodore Duties & Responsibilities





Vice Commodore (Harbour Master)

John Wright
BPPD 2 Anx B Vice Commodore (Harbour Master) Duties & Responsibilities






Rear Commodore (Projects)
Rob Braden 




Honorary Treasurer
Randy Tivy





Honorary Secretary
George Clayburn
BPPD 2 Anx E Honorary Secretary Duties & Responsibilities





Fleet Captain
Sal Khan
BPPD 2 Anx D Fleet Captain Duties & Responsibilities





Director (Marketing and Public Relations)
Jason Hess





Director (Membership)
Krista Kiiffner 





Director (House and Grounds)
Kevin Bundy
BPPD 2 Anx G Director House and Grounds Duties & Responsibilities





Director (Youth)
Lisa Shishis
BPPD 2 Anx M Director of Youth Duties & Responsibilities





Director (Social)
Beth Shepherd
BPPD 2 Anx K Social Director Duties & Responsibilities




Director (Tennis)
Marion Xhignesse





Director (IT)
Al Malo
BPPD 2 Anx H IT Director Duties & Responsibilities





Past Commodore
David Burke

BPPD 2 Anx N Past Commodore Duties and Responsabilities





Honorary Counsel
Doug Noble


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